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Writing Consultations

Get to know what exactly writing consultations are clicking through the FAQs regarding writing consultations.

What is a writing consultation?Hide

A writing consultation consists of you individually meeting up with one of our specially trained writing consultants. At the moment the meetings take place digitally via phone or Skype/Zoom. During the consultation you have the opportunity to get constructive feedback on your text, your outline or your ideas. You can also ask any questions you might have concerning your writing project.

How long does a writing consultation take?Hide

Consultations usually take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

What texts can I come and see you with?Hide

You can come and see us with all (scientific) texts: Term papers, essays, exposés, BA theses, MA theses, dissertations, CVs, cover letters,… You name it, we’ve got you covered.

What questions and issues can I come and see you with?Hide

You can come and see us with all questions and issues that might come up during the writing process. This can be finding or narrowing down a topic, finding a suitable research question or structuring your argumentation. It can also be narrowing down your literature research or talking about a suitable method for your area of interest. Moreover we offer constructive feedback to parts of your texts and suggest methods for editing and finalising it.

Can I also come and see you if I haven’t started writing yet?Hide

Yes! You can also come in with an outline or notes about your ideas. If you don’t have anything written down yet or have no idea what you want to do yet, don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted 😊.

If I already have written something, how much of it can I send you?Hide

Usually we ask you to send in around 7 to 10 pages of your text that we are going to focus on in the context of the consultation. Ideally you can also tell us aspects that we should focus on in the course of our preparation.

When do I have to send my text/outline/notes in at the latest?Hide

At the latest, please send us your material 24 hours before the consultation takes place. This way, our consultants have enough time to prepare for your consultation.

Do you also offer proof-reading services?Hide

No. For proof-reading services please check the internet or notice-boards across university.

Will you tell my supervisor when I come and see you with my writing project?Hide

No! We won’t tell anybody that you came and see us. Also everything we talk about in a consultation is treated confidentially.

Can I also come and see you during the semester break?Hide

Yes, we are here for you all around the year (except for the Christmas break, when University is closed anyways).

How do I get an appointment?Hide

Write us an e-mail to schreibzentrum@uni-bayreuth.de stating your concern, your subject and current semester. You can also state time frames that would suit you for a consultation.

How soon will I get an appointment?Hide

Usually you will get an appointment around a week after your first contact. Depending on our capacities it can also work faster than that.

Where and how do we meet up?Hide

We usually meet up in one of our offices at the Zapf-Gebäude in Nürnberger Straße 38. Due to the current restrictions, all of our services take place digitally via phone or Skype/Zoom.

Do I have to pay for a consultation?Hide

No. All our services are free of charge for all members of Bayreuth University.

How often can I come and see you for a consultation?Hide

Generally speaking, you are welcome to come and see us with your writing projects on a regular basis.

I am a PhD student/a PostDoc/an instructor, can I also come and see you?Hide

Of course. All members of Bayreuth University are more than welcome to come and see us on whatever questions or issues they might have concerning their writing. All points listed above also apply to you.

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