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Writing Research

Writing Research as an Interdisciplinary Field

The richness of the field of writing research is getting more and more obvious in the course of the constinuous instituionalisation of Writing Centers and further supplies concerning academic writing. Researchers in this area may come from all sorts of different fields, however, it is their goal of conveying writing competence and skills in the didactics of writing that units them.

Development of Writing Process Research and Research about the Didactics of Writing

Writing has fascinated researches ever since, but only in the 1970s the writing process became the central focus of attention instead of the writing project. With this turn came the orientation to focus on writing processes and writing didactics in research.

Research of the writing process deals with stages of the writing process and the development of writing competence. The research of writing didactics focuses on the teaching and supporting of writing processes.

Both areas are vital for the university context. Instructors as well as students should be aware of the fact that writing competence can be learned and trained. The conception and support given to students in the context of their writing exercises can be benefitial for writing processes and writing competencies alike.

Research Taking Place at the Writing Center

For many years we have been taking part in national and international conferences. In the future it is our aim to increasingly present and publish our own research in this context. We also like to encourage our student staff to actively engage in this area. As a result we have been hosting workshops on the national writing-peer-tutor-conference since 2014. Furthermore, we welcome and support graduate students with the organisation and realisation of their dissertation projects in the context of writing research.

Since June 2018 we have our very own research fellow, Maria Muster, who is writing her PhD thesis in the field of writing research.

If you are interested or have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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